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"Anti-Occult Organization"

SATAN'S TAROT - An interesting surprise: I was contacted recently by Lori Davis, one of the creators of Satan's Tarot, to inform Me that she is "no longer in the darkness", and has since been propaganting the foolosophies of the nazarene cult. When asked about the cards, she stated that they are designed to "open up the Gates of Hell around oneself and those around you." So much the better! After all, is that not the purpose of using such an awesome oracle? And as Satanists, we seek to remain in Satanic Grace and exist in The Devil's fane to the furthest degree, being the living devils as the incarnation of The Satanic. A quote from Ms. Davis:

"...I cannot join in with a positive outlook, but rather look upon them as tools of satan that we conjured forth blindly and unaware of the depth of their totality. Let me say in short, projection through the sigils (Gateways) opened up a world of supernatural power that quickly manifested as the unseen in the seen. In other words, when you play with real fire, it is determined that you will feel the burn. Although LaVey ordered the deck for his own personal magical use, mentions in a few short words, the depth of power they held.

The Anti-Occult Organization is an organization founded by Michael and I that exposes the nature and depth of demons in the lives of humanity and beyond. We are no longer part of the darkness, but have been transformed into the light, by the renewing of our minds and the power of the living God (Jesus Christ). We minister in churches and on-line helping those who desire to come out of the depths of darkness that once ruled and controlled our being. We realize that this is now contrary to your beliefs and sets us on opposite sides of the spectrum. However, we too were once where you are and as I said it is an eventuality of being burned, at the right moment, the right time and the right place.

Noone led us to the light, but rather we found it as it found us. A road to Damascus encounter one may say..."

Anti Occult Organization,
Lori Davis

That statement just further confirms the viability of Satan's Tarot, coming from one of its makers. Now, considering she and Mr. Davis' current affiliation, one must wonder whether or not is was truly they who manifested it, or was it perhaps their own dark subcoscious which acted as a key to the Dark Force? In which case, they were apparently merely 'channeling' tools utilizing their particular talents and skills to bring forth this device. These cards are not intended for the herd and newage blindlighters, and according to her, can bring about "devistating results", which I have also seen evidence of. Again, confirming their potency - from My experience, this oracular method has been and continues to be a tremendous Infernal Blessing. This development also demonstrates that Satanism is indeed a stratifying Power philosophy, and will weed out the unworthy. It seems to Me, as has happened many times before, that the inherently un-satanic will explore The Occult, and upon experiencing some dark manifestation, which would thus ratify the reality of The Presence in a myriad of presentations, will turn tail and run back to their 'savior', or some other white-light beLIEf-system, where they belong. Again, water finds its own level, and the Satanic Movement is enriched because of it. In any case, you can read My review of Satan's Tarot here, which I also forwarded to her. It is also recommeded interested parties acquire Reverend Sprague's book "The Gates of Hell" from The Emporium here , through which one may possess a copy of the cards. You can view the B/W and color verions of the cards here.


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