Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Mountain Shadows

"Dirty Sanchez" Bites The Dust

The Black Book of Shadows: Another confirmation on a Lex Talionis Victory recently, and it was even displayed on the evening news, as told to Me by an informant. Prior to relocating to this Lair, I temporarily resided at a nice domicile at "Mountain Shadows" {which was near "The Pillars of Faith" - which also bit the dust} with My Beloved, and it just so happened that we were the so-called "people under the stairs" so to speak. Above, moved in an obnoxious Christian wife and child-beating bastard who also polluted the air with its sonic blare, and who was actually the inspiration for the short story "Sunday Morning Secret" [see The Devil's Diary I] written by this Author. Well, we had finally had enough, and we decided that he must be dealt with via Diabolic Justice, and so he was Satanically Cursed - the Daemons were loosed. Within the next few days, we had noticed that his stereo system had apparently been increasingly malfunctioning, with spurts and stops of the blare, accompanied with moans of disappointment. We also noticed increased "accidents" occurring, with shattering glass and some other objects much more noticably, which was always pleasing to hear. Also soon afterwards, he was arrested on to occasions, and kept over the weekend. Well, the situation had abated much, and we resumed our peaceful noctuarnal activities sans the lower-life form. Well, we moved out soon afterwards into Our current residence, the resurrection of The Noctuary, and so it has been most infernally pleasant. So we veritably forgot about him, as we derived the results we desired. And now a news story has come to My attention which reports on the overkill death of this rotten waste of life.

The report does not mention his name, but a confirmation through Satan's Tarot has been established. I initially drew the connection when news footage displayed the front sign outside the gate, and so My curiosity bade Me to utilize the oracles to either prove or disprove the ultimate fulfillment of the Curse. And the Victory is sweet. I know that the wife and children will be taken care of, and they are certainly better off without him. She was done a favor. Hail Victory! Hail Justice! HAIL SATAN.

Nelson, The Mentally-Retarded Janitor

The place has fallen into ruin as well, almost immediately after the days we left - criminal activity increased, along with violence and vandalism - just despicable conditions developed; wich is additionally pleasing because, there was another antagonist residing there whom definitely deserves Diabolic Justice as well. Turns out the place had an irresponsible, incompetent maintenenace man who was also a damned thief. People began complaining that trinkets would come up missing after a visitation - jewelry, artifacts, small items, and the such. I despise thieves - especially those who have somehow justified it to themselves - they are the worst. And so, when a ring went missing immediately after an "inspection", it was more than a pleasure to dispense with reciprocation. On one such day swiftly after he had exited the door, I concentrated into his chest area that his heart would cease functioning, squeezing with astral hands extended forth, penetrating into the lifeforce. Within the hour, My companion and a friend heard the sounds of sirens in the parking lot and into the driveway - we later learned that it was indeed he who was taken to the hospital suffering from shortness of breath and chest pains as if he sufferd a mild stroke or heart attack, and we were pleased.

Pending news of its current condition will be made available upon availability. The place will most likely be condemned in short time, thus he will lose not only his livelihood, but position and home - and he certainly deserves it.


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