Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Oobi Enigma

And now for something completely different...

In case you are unfamiliar, Oobi is a highly-imaginative children's program about a family of lovable "snakes" - that is, hands with eyeballs configured in the shape of heads which resemble snakes - Oobi, Keiko, Uma, and Grandpu, as well as several other characters. I say "snakes", because they look like serpents, but also, LB and I have long-since had a 'game' we play in which, in hand-puppet form, without the use of prosthetics, are embued with personalities and communicate with eachother and their human counterparts. So imagine our surprise when we one day came upon this show utilizing this form of playful expression on Noggin - it seemed to Me pure synchronicity. Not only have we had snake characters, but in the cavalcade of hand animals, or "handimals" as it were, also included is the inevitable goat, spider, raven, turtle, frog, and even Nessie. And once in awhile, the despicable "foo" comes around, many times in the form of the "pink pimpernel", and "lop", to cause trouble, but are always driven off or consumed by the mighty snakes. It can sometimes get pretty goofy around The Noctuary at times, yet that is the type of vitality which is instrumental in preserving timelessness...

Interestingly, many creations we originate in Our World seem to resonate into the secular world at large, and not too long after, we see evidence of their manifestation in very similar forms in events and in the media. This has been the case for Me since a small Dracling. Not to mention the "chupacabra" materialization which came forth as the result of a Curse cast upon a certain repugnant segment of the population... but I digress.

I like this show because it actually teaches ethical relativity, and can ironically get quite Satanic sometimes, as I see shades of Lex Satanicus surfacing now and then. Instructing in responsibility to the responsible, respect for oneself and others' person and property, the veneration for Nature, among other noticeable qualities one may note. A far cry from the far inferior and annoying "Barney" reprehensibility which only served in effeminizing, stupifying, and softening its primary demographic. Oobi is not only fun, but actually intelligent as well.

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