Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Occasionally, I facetiously refer to 'myspace' as 'mallspace', and this is why: The quality of 'people' which frequent these so-called 'social networks' have just about as much 'quality' as those cheap baubles found in those megalithic herd grazing areas known as 'malls', whether grazing for tacky items or fast food, with display after display which pretty much amounts to a cloned blur.

This and similar systems may also be referred to as "herdspace" in the collective, frequented by white and black sheep types, with seemingly everything in-between. Low-quality people searching for identity by seeking others of like-kind, in hopes of establishing some sort of pretentious clique. Those "friended" are still strangers, who may or may not actually 'get along' if actually ever meeting. Then they wonder why I deny them?

Personally, I have used this resource for actual networking purposes - for potential customers, supporting a project and/or resource I would endorse / recommend, and perhaps connecting with other creative individuals who also recognize its potential, limited as it may be, yet a somewhat viable one, and in this sense, it has proven to be useful. That is as it should be. An appropriate sense of discrimination should be applied. It ultimately depends upon how one uses it, not by how it uses you. Undesirables can just as easily be ignored {or 'blocked', 'deleted', 'flagged', what have you}. Additionally, it can also forseeably provide some choice amusement, as well.

In a Social Darwinian sense, mallspace and the like also serves as a practice and observation of stratification. So let them at it! They can remain clustered and contained in this manner as well.

Besides, there are far better resources of value to utilize for networking purposes. Take into consideration Magister Ventrue's Letters To The Devil and The Undercroft - made BY Satanists FOR Satanists, which are both a gratifying compliment to one's time.

As an adjunct to The 13 Myspace & Live Journal Protocols, and as usually asked when dealing with web sources, "are you the spider or the fly?" ∞

Tags: essays, misanthropology, misanthropy, social commentary, technology, technomancy

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