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Autumn Equinox XXXIX Anno Satanas

Shadowmantium Evilutions

The Black Pope: Added High Priest Honorarium in tribute to Our Founder Anton Szandor LaVey and Our High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore; Additionally, I have initiated a page tentatively entitled Infernal Magestry in honor of Our outstanding Clergy. This may also answer questions that have been posed in regards to "what 'famous', or 'infamous' individuals are or were members of The Church of Satan?" These include Our representatives as well as prominant performers and artists in their particular fields of endeavor. There are however, many who remain obfuscated for their own personal reasons. So I raise a toast to Our Infernal Magestry on this Equinox, that we may continue to ascend the heights of our chosen passions, achieving excellence in all that we do. Hail The Church of Satan! HAIL SATAN.

* Also, there are updates at the Official Site with an Equinox Greeting from Our High Priest, the release of The Trident 15: The Comedy Issue, and a really great new quicktime movie created by Magister Paradise! HS!


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