Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Words From The Third Side

">Words From The Third Side by Joel Gausten
Words From The Third Side
XLIV A.S. Gausten Books. 84pp. Slick stylish cover

As a man of many hats, Joel Gausten offers relations on his eclectic experiences in various professional genres, and as a musician and promoter in the gritty underworld of the Punk scene, on both coasts; as well as relationship and psychological manipulation tips in the business world; along with psycho-sexual advice gleaned from experience on the dynamics of Dominance & submission. The latter subject is covered extensively, inclusive of a guest essay by Gausten's lovely paramour, Shannon Gardner; She a Witch and he a Warlock in the notorious Church of Satan.

Spanning several years as a journalist for a Poker magazine and various Rock 'n' Roll publications, the writing style flows easily with entertaining content for a delightful afternoon of salacious contemplation. ∞

Tags: bibliography, books, literature, satan's scroll

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