DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Blackthorn Asylum {cover art preview}

Nox Arcana: Blackthorne Asylum

"Dementia, horrific delusions, psychotic paranoia, violent sociopathic behavior... these are but a few of the torments that plague the wretched souls confined within these walls. And though modern science has discovered ways to rationalize and treat certain mental disorders, there are still some extreme cases that defy explanation or cure.

During your visit, you shall bear witness to shocking depravities of the human mind, as well as monstrous abnormalities of the physical body. Tragically incurable, these tortured souls spend their vile existence plagued by a nightmarish reality that mercifully eludes those who cling to their sanity. For the essence of evil dwells in the deepest shadows of the mind and the gateway to revelation lies beyond the threshold of madness."

Doctor Neville Aldritch
Blackthorn Asylum

Nox Arcana: Blackthorn Asylum

Tags: malefick musick, music

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