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Essays In Satanism

Essays In Satanism by James D. Sass
Essays In Satanism
By James D. Sass; 385 pages. The Devil's Bookshelf

In this substantial text which absolutely lives up to its name, one is treated to the multidimensional writings of James Sass, with topics ranging from his experiences and observations on the mean streets, tales from the Satanic Panic, literature recommendations, as well as combat techniques, home security, notable associations, Magic, academia, animals, politics, aesthetics, herd trends, plus much more, all with an enjoyably steely, cynical, misanthropic sense of black humor.

With a Foreword by High Priest Gilmore and an Afterword by Magistra Peggy Nadramia, Essays In Satanism is a wonderful collection of Satanic thoughts from a third-side perspective which goes for the throat of the matter and straight to the point!

Tags: bibliography, book review, books, educational, literature, multimedia reviews, satan's scroll

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