Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Left-Handed Greetings!

Left-Handed Greetings
{XLIV A.S. Greeting cards by Art On You Studios. $16.66}

While enjoying the diabolically-empowering atmosphere of Walpurgis, what did the Hellbox yield, but a complimentary Walpurgisnacht gift to last for seasons to come. A package from Art On You Studios containing postcards for several major 'unholydays", accompanied by several other items of infernal interest, which are much appreciated, including a T-Shirt stating "WW[LaVey]D?"displaying the likeness of Dr. LaVey {interesting notion that I had recently contemplated acquiring this jovial shirt}, several stickers {including the LaVey design, "Hail Thyself!", and "I [heart Frankenstein]"}, along with some nice slick business cards. Just some of the many artful products by Satanic Artist Storm.

Card contents: Walpurgisnacht, Halloween, Yule, remmus solstice, Autumn & Spring Equinoxes, and of course, the Highest of High Holiday, One's Birthday.


  • Walpurgisnacht: Features a rendition of La Danse du Sabbat by Gustave Dore from Histoire de la Magie (1884) by P. Christian.
  • Halloween: Features a very turn of the 19th century impression depiction of The Devil emerging from behind a Jack O' Lantern by a black candle crowned skull while a contemplative moon gazes down upon the festive scene.
  • Yule: A Krampus / "Satan Claus" -like figure with a lovely devil girl welcome you to warm yourself by the hellfire, in a cozy environment filled with evocative items.
  • Birthday: Some elements of celebration greet the birthday boy or girl with a rose indicative of romantic indulgence.
  • Spring Equinox: A natural scene includes a scowling sun, tree, and Baphomet, featuring an appropriately misanthropic quote from Ernest Hemingway.
  • Fall Equinox: Bountiful well-wishes meet the senses in this pleasant scene of Baphomet sprouting an autumnal tree.
  • remmus Solstice: A grinning demonic tiki carries off a willing vixen on the shores of a Polynesian Paradise at sunset.

Plenty of room on the back to personalize your message complete with Old Nick for stamp placement. Memento Mori & Mr. Slithersworth decorate the box cover itself.

Overall, a very nice presentation accentuating the primary product, a series of colored sketches displaying great imagination and thoughtful greetings with a specific concentration on several of the sentiments and aesthetics of Our Kind. A great idea indeed! ∞

Tags: black earth, dracumentary, possessions, satan's scroll, seasonal greetings

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