DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Shadow Demon Lamp

Dark Shadows Gargoyle Sculptural Lamp
{Design Toscano}

Arriving recently to The Noctuary is this splendid piece of artistry to provide appropriate lambent lighting for the absorption of choice reading material in the dark hours of the night. Both practical and an aesthetic compliment to any Satanic Lair, the Demon's shadow spreads forth upon the wall behind him, while one's literature is lit by infernal illumination.

Highly-detailed musculature and fearsome visage, he makes a worthy companion by the Sabbatic Baphomet-laden throne to enrich one's precious time. ∞

* Switch-on cord. 15-watt bulb.
* 6"Wx5"Dx13½"H. 5 lbs.

Tags: black earth, dracumentary, possessions

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