Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Oyama / Bishamon Sai mask

"Bishamon is the Japanese Kami (or God) of war and 'evil'. He is the patron of the warriors of Japan as well as the punisher of [the rotten]. He is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, according to Shinto belief. He is also one of the Four Guardian Gods protecting one of the Cardinal points, the North. According to legend he was called upon and came to the Prince Shotoku in 587 during the feudal clan battles of Japan."

I Am very pleased to welcome the Black Devil God {Kami} of War 'Bishamon', comparable to Oyama in My estimation for My purposes, and of course Ares and Abaddon, which now graces The Haunted Noctuary. Sais are inserted on top by the horns, exiting through the mouth as a veritable extra couple of fangs. Surely worth the possession for the decorative mask itself, now coupled with a holder for the pitchfork-like blade configuration, ideal for ritualization and any proposed combat.

Besides being swords in themselves, sais were used in combat to hook opponents' blades with a twisting movement, thus disarming them, usually accompanied by an additional sai lethally used to ensure victory, or perhaps even using the opponent's own sword itself against them. ∞

Heavy stone-like black poly-resin.

* Length: 9.25", Depth: 4.25", Width: 6.25", Weight: 4 lbs.

Tags: black earth, dracumentary, martial arts, ninja, possessions, total environment, weapons

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