Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Stratification at The Post

When I went to ship out the latest batch of Devil's Cords at the Post Office, I spied a man holding the door open for people - at first, I thought, what a considerate gesture - but then he just stayed there, at the entrance, opening the door for anyone who went through. I thought to Myself, "Could this be an employee of the Post Office, in an attempt to improve public relations?" I went through the door and sent out the packages, then upon exiting, the same man was still there - it soon dawned on Me that this is another beggar's ploy to derive change out of people by using the guilt card. This was no gentleman - this was a bum! So why did none of the employees complain? One would think that beggars at the door would decrease the experience for customers, being annoyed and manipulated into dispensing with funds for the dreg. As I exited, I side-glanced at it, and noticed it was wearing a crucifix - it was then that I felt an increased sense of stratification. Another manipulative element? Probably. In which case, the degree to which blindlight symbols are utilized has cheapened to such as state where such lowlifes display the ultimate martyr around their dirty necks - but after all, is this not what Jesus represents? And whom the legend claimed to have represented? Misery, suffering, poverty. Reminds Me of an essay I wrote entitled "Hail The Inverted Cross!" which is an analysis of the de-evolution of certain religious symbols, and those who employ them for various hypocritical self-aggrandizing reasons, and the sustained purity of Satanic icons which are employed for honest and empowering purposes by the true Satanist. So I just passed him up without giving him the time of day, and that is as it should be.

Then we went for some donuts and feasted indulgently back here at The Noctuary.


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