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Another amusing ocurrence today: The home insurance man came over, wanting to take a look around. Being that The Blackthornes are not exactly eager to allow uninvited guests or strangers into the Noctuary Lair, even posting that wonderful door plaque from Design Toscano to really get the message across; for some reason, he really wanted to inspect the back yard - he was warned about the mighty rottweiler / german schepherd hellhound 'Simba' lurking back there, yet he began to fiddle with Our black iron Gate, which had been temporarily left unlocked for the gardeners. So being that I have nothing illegal to hide, I went out the back door and circled around The House to restrain the Cerberian canine from rending him limb from limb, when I witnessed one of the funniest spectacles reminiscent of an Addams Family / Munsters episode, in the reactions of many of their visitors - now, keep in mind that the man was wearing a very obvious toupee', a suit & tie, and thick-rimmed glasses, so, when he saw Me and Simba {who also has a Pentagram attached to the spiked collar} approaching, as My intent was to graciously open the Gate for him, it really appeared as if his toupee' shifted on his head, tie curled upwards, and eyes bulged through his glasses - this was the impression in a matter of seconds, to which he opted to turn straight-away around and head back to his car - the only element that was missing was the 'whooshing' sound followed by the screetching of tires. To Me, this was fantastic - not only was it very amusing, but it really confirmed the potency of the Lesser Magic principle of The Command to Look in the Fear element. Now I really know how Herman Munster feels!


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