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Vlad Dracula plaque

Vlad Dracula plaque

Vlad Tepes Dracula plaque
XLIV A.S. Buzz Works. 8.5 x10"

Embossed and stylized in dark aged bronze, this elegant plaque is certainly a wonderful compliment to any Lair, wherein the heroic exploits of Vlad The Just are appreciated.

An infamous historical figure upon which the Dracula {"Son of The Devil"} legend is partially based; asserting principles of Might Is Right, he was actually a mighty warrior who kept the Moslem Turks out of Romania by implementing mass impalements as a successful deterrent. Rightfully venerated as a national hero in his native Romania, much can be learned from his techniques and character.

So whether one appreciates Vampire lore and/or martial history, this plaque serves as a worthy tribute to his legacy and conquests. ∞

Zombie Works

Tags: aesthetics, arts and crafts, black earth, decor, dracula, dracumentary, halloween, lair decor, noctuary, possessions, total environment, vampire, zombies

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