Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Giger Calendar 2009 c.e.

Giger Calendar 2009 c.e.
{XLIV A.S. Morpheus Gallery}

Upon glossy black thick-stock paper serving as veritable parchments igniting sensory saturation in a ritual of aesthetic contemplation, the beautiful Hell of Giger's vision emerges into the pleasantly gratified multi-dimensional planes of consciousness to compliment subterranian lairs of purest darkness, offering skeletal keys to the infernal abyss within, in darkest reflections sublime.

Filled with potently inspirational quotes from Einstein to Emerson, Picasso, Oscar Wilde to Carl Sagan and others; nefarious historical and notable nativity dates throughout, one is enthusiastically drawn into this grim world of nightmarish creatures, sinister sexuality, bio-mechanical configurations and dreamlike alienesque landscapes, all of which culminate into a glorious masterpiece, merging and stimulating cerebral hemispheric evolution.

Giger Calendar XLIII A.S.

  • Dune 1: Work #289.
  • Landscape 25: Work #230.
  • Spacetrip II: Work #403.
  • Man With Helmet: Work #366.
  • Passage 13: Work #170.
  • Kofferbaby.
  • Magma IV: Work #578.
  • Karavane {with Martin Schwarz}.
  • Mordor: Work #279.
  • Behemoth: Work #257.
  • ELP II: Work #218.
  • Passage Temple Death: Work #263.

  • Tags: aesthetics, art, shadow gallery

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