Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Pumping Iron & Twisted Steel

Weight-training sure is gratifying. There is a sense of increased vitality after the blood flows copiously to your muscles expanding them in kind, as the memory cells take precedence and grow before your eyes. In My opinion, part of the Left-Hand Path deals with preserving and accentuating one's physique, that it may be exercised as much as the mind - not as important, of course, but very crucial nonetheless. No need to go to a gym - a complete program can be enacted by merely using a barbell or dumbell with the cardiovascular portion taken care of with just some basic calisthenic practices such as jumping jacks or jogging in place. Or in My case, going out after dark for My Noctural Constitutional - a pleasant walk amongst nature wearing one's strolling clothes, including hat and cane - incidentally, these physical activities also provide an increased sense of mental clarity. If anyone reading this would like the "Drac Program" of physical training, just email Me and I will send you "The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding" {or read it at the link} essay complete with 'work-out' and meal suggestions. I frequently place some inspirational musick to empower the atmosphere to motivate one towards a thurough completion. I employ Danzig or Acheron for this purpose primarily, and if I decide to use visuals, "Pumping Iron" works very well. The energy expended may also be utilized for a "sacrifice" of bio-adrenal force to be used for a future ritual along with one's thoughts while exercising, focusing on a goal or desire.

I went to a business supply store today to gather those last remaining elements in the construction of another batch of Devil's Cords {for pending orders, your items will be shipped on Monday}, when what did I see, but {*cue The Count's Transylvanian accent*} "Two! Two! Ah, ah... Two! car crashes!" {even saw a body on the street with Paramedics working on someone}. Whenever I see one of these, besides the natural ghoulish curiosity at seeing a mangled corpse with plenty of blood, My thought is "I hope it is someone who deserves it." We were deciding whether or not ot stop by Garduno's today, when it just so happened that I had finally decided to go, and these collisions occured right on the two spots of road on the way back to The Noctuary which would direct a route directly towards the restaurant. So we stopped in and had My favorite - a "wet" foot-long King-size 'machaca' burrito - really scrumptuous - the "wet" designation signifying that it is covered with sauce and melted cheese, apart from the normal 'dry' manner. So there was sublime culinary indulgence there.

Twin Dragon Almond CookiesSpeaking of culinary indulgence, I also picked up a pack of Twin Dragon Almond cookies, a favorite of mine since early Martial Arts days - I remember when the almonds were large and in the center of the cookie, accompanied by two red strings wrapping them up like a present - now they seem a bit smaller and off to the side, but still delicious as ever.

Also went to take the cats {Goblin, Shadow, Ghost - or "the gremlins", or "Lock, Shock, & Barrel" as I jovially call them} and our dog "Simba" in for grooming.


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