Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Taking the 'Art' out of Martial Arts...

In the beginning, one of the possible dojos considered was Chuck Norris' "Fighting Arts Federation" studio, so as was customary for Me, I decided to attend a class incognito as an observer. Now, this 'dojo' was rather ostentateous, to be frank - photos of Norris on the walls, both posed and from movie stills; the observation seats were set up like a veritable 'studio audience' section in ascending rows, but perhaps all this should be expected. But I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

While Myself and the rest of the "audience" looked on, Norris was boisterously scolding a student for apparently forgetting his belt, and was actually threatening that he attend class pantless! I Am sure there probably was a perfectly good reason for he not having it. Not expecting it to go missing, maybe the poor kid's sibling/s had swiped it, either messing around or as a joke? Maybe a classmate stole it out of jealousy or to pretend they were such a rank? Whatever the case, this was no reason to humiliate the boy in front of the entire place! You could tell he was holding back tears. In My estimation, this was not the manner a purported sensei to behave, and perhaps he should remain with the movies.

For reference, Norris endeavored to create a conglomerate of fighting styles he trained in called "Chun Kuk Do", {"Universal Way"; Korean derivation translation}, which was a mix between Tang Soo Do {Chinese}, Shotokan {Japanese}, and Tae Kwon Do {Korean}, though overall, it seemed the "Art" was removed from the Martial Discipline, and quite honestly, seemed to be nothing more than 'expert' bar fighting, as it were. This particular stunt-like studio, for I Am rather loathed to refer to it as a "dojo", did eventually close, and that is probably for the better. He would eventually go on to found a "United Fighting Arts Federation", which seems to be not much more than the brutishly-simplistic 'UFC' spectator sport.

So, this coupled with the pretentiousness, I saw enough and decided this was not the school for Me. Thankfully, thus filtering through the dross, the search continued...

{I would eventually find dojos Ryusaki Kenpo, Jun Chung Tae Kwon Do and Dux Ninjutsu}.


Turning The other cheek: Amusingly, as a side note, Norris would eventually go on to become an active christian crusader, probably for PR purposes, although it is well known and obvious that Martial Arts and christianity do not mix. Anyone who practices a physical combat style, yet still espouses a belief-system of subservience and self-sacrifice / surrender, is a hypocrite, and otherwise do not take their religion, or martial art, seriously.

[~From Devilutions Autobiography; 'Martial Arts' section.]

Tags: autobiography, devilutions, dracumentary, evilutions, martial arts

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