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Strange Sightings...


Strange Sightings...

Every time one travels along the expanse of mountainous regions between Los Diablos and Sin City, the environment assumes a surreal Dali-like quality to it, very pleasingly enigmatic to the eyes, now and then one notices what appears to actually be certain faux hills, in which one can almost perceive openings in the sides of these, emanating lights from within, perhaps supported by grand metal skeletal structures, for experimental aircraft to make their rounds.

Upon the last excursion to The Mad Greek, traveling upon Zzyzx Road {perhaps where all those "lost items" end up}, and upon inspecting a photograph taken of the road to accentuate the eeriness of the exhilarating nocturnal experience [see above; top/middle center], it has been since noticed what appears to be a triangular light arrangement in the air - three perfectly positioned lights as if festooned upon a stealth craft - this marks the third time I have personally spotted this type of craft: the first in the wee hours at a former residence, the second while on a hike, and now this incident while on a drive.

Upon traveling deep into this area, where the public road near Area 51 is identical for miles and miles {which also contain thin pathways to various unseen locations besides}, where such terrain may lend to the impression of 'lost time'; while heading back, an interesting enigma was spotted - what appeared to be a giant humanoid form perhaps at a height of 9"-10", reaching forth towards the automobile, emerging from some underground opening which retracted its stretch upon being spotted, which lends to the speculation that not only are some of the surrounding hillsides possibly manufactured, but portions of the land as well, concealing hidden panels to expansive installations beneath the seemingly innocuous landscape, where all manner of experiments may be taking place, including genetic ones. Could this giant form have been the result of creating the perfect soldier? A cyborg? Alien hybrid? Android?

It should be understood that 'environmental laws' are suspended for this restricted area, and for good reason, which would be the only way to progress technology, where it may be responsibly contained and evolved. I for one fully support the efforts of these governmental tests which are appropriately covert to remain ahead lest enemies become privy, and to avoid hysteria, through the use of misdirection.

I have not revealed all with these observations... remember, 'madness is sanity'... back into the night we go... ∞

Tags: black earth, dracumentary, tales from the shadowside, ufo's

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