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The Devil's Rain returns again...

Strange weather here today - this morning, I was gratified to hear the booming of thunder in the nearby mountains accompanied by overcast skies and a lovely spattering of rain {and now I have heard there shall be "flash-flood" warnings}. A wonderful introduction to the Halloween season, although in My book, it begins on August 1st, but I pretty much live it every day of the year anyway. I have long since proposed a modified seasonal designation on par with Dr. LaVey's essay "Summertime" and his mutual abhorrence of same, in The Devil's Notebook. I propose utilizing the concentrated consciousness of a few adept Ecomancers to consider the following roster of seasonal modification: Autumn shall be comprised of August, September, October, November. Winter shall be comprised of December, January, February, March. Spring shall be comprised of April, May, June, July. I have gone at length in My essay "Nightworld" about the blessed darkness and this shift, and so let it be. I have noticed that many of the changes I have envisioned both in society and in the environment have incrementally displayed this subtle transformation, with remmus becoming shorter, although a bit hotter, with occasional rainfall that was until recently considered unthinkable - "freak storms" the meteorologists call them, and every time that phrase is spoken, it brings Me amusement. As mentioned in an earlier writing "The Devil's Rain", I have always had an alacrity to cause precipitation, even formulizing specific techniques in Dracomeroth, and receiving astounding results, which can be read in The Black Book of Shadows. It is no coincidence that every time I decide to venture forth into the world for whatever reason, that overcast skies develop, just long enough until I Am inside an establishment, and then becoming cloudy until returning to The Noctuary. It is My preference for stormy weather, and much to the chagrin of the masochistic herd who seem to flock towards the lightmare with all of its B.U.G.S. {Blare, Ugliness, Glare, Stare - see Dractionary} and delitorious effects, I preserve My environment according to My Will, and as I Will, so it is done. The Microcosmic becomes the Macrocosmic, cooperating in kind. So now as we near the colder climate, it is time to bask in the enchantment and enjoy the marine-layer shift which is becoming more and more prevalent in this location, for pleasure and aesthetic delight.


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