Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Draconian High Holiday XLIV

"Wicked To Some: Winds scream past panes of shallow glass. The trees, bending, breaking, they forewarn. This, the day of Blackthorne." ~ Tier Instinct.

This year yielded a trip to both Lucifer's Pizza {for two gourmet "Hot Chicks", "tossed" & Caesar's salad dishes}, and a delightful trip through shadowy haunted canyons to Trader Joe's {or, 'The Addams Family Foode Shoppe'} for opulent cheesecake, Blackthorn Cider, and exquisite brie - to create a 'briezza' (breetsah) added as an extra special topping.

The cake was appropriately decorated to personal specification with the candle positioned between the horns, and The Apotheosis ceremony enacted. 'Candlemas Evil' poem enunciated, the wish made, followed by much revelry in this ambrosia and nectar.

This is an event to recognize the symbolic serpentine shedding of skin to reveal a renewal in Strength and purpose, and a rejuvenation on all levels of being. It just keeps getting better!

Much appreciation to all who have extended their regards on this High Holiday, may you experience continued success! ∞

Tags: black earth, dining, dracumentary, food, holidays, travel

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