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The 'Onan Suite'

"...His buildings, let them become caves for the beasts of the field!" ~ 19th Key, The Satanic Bible.

An option to alleviate any stress in the office place, perhaps there should be initiated "relaxation rooms" into occupational buildings. So far. hospitals have so-called "meditation rooms" on premesis, which resemble little chapels. I propose likened structures within office buildings where employees may privately enter to alleviate any stress as needed, but with an erotic twist, where auto-erotic practices may be entertained in privacy, as well as with any others, if so desired, for mutual gratification. Perhaps even combined with various tools {masturbatory devices} and imagery {videos, magazines} to facilitate relief / release.

So far, there are some entrepreneurs who have suggested similar ideas, especially in Japan and one in New York {but these are off the property as veritable 'store fronts', as of yet}, although the erotic factor is excised, for some reason. No doubt that while laying there in the gloom, salacious thoughts begin to manifest. So why not indulge these desires during break time? Thereby, pleasure can be had while {s}exercising for cardiovascular health and overall well-being. Thus, with such alleviation, the work force may emerge refreshed and contented, even better able to perform responsibilities with a clear mind, free of frustrations which may previously have been negatively effecting productivity.

Perhaps similar structures may be included for waiting rooms as well, as a consideration for customers.

Being that the culture has evolved largely past antiquated repressive moralities, even though there are still some lingering superstitions in America still, may erotically-aware and honest, natural practices be integrated as a recognition of the humanimal's needs.

Possible names for these special rooms can be the "Chamber of Onan", 'Onan Suite" or "Pleasure Chambers", respectively.*

Happy employees and clientele make for a more pleasant environment. Thank you for your attention.

~ The Management.

* For reference, the name "Onan" derived from the so-called "Sin of Onan" tale in Jewish mythology, wherein a man named Onan was supposedly 'punished' by "god" for masturbation.

Tags: fantasy, health, sex

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