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Spechtreum: In the wake of Van Helsing, comes VLAD. From the previews, it looks to be quite an impressive film, claiming to have a "different take on the legend". Being a fantom of The Impaler, who also happens to be an Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia, this will prove to be most interesting. He looks very familiar... also noted are strains of the Francis Ford Coppolla Dracula soundtrack {I somehow doubt that this will be able to top that one, which remains one of My favorite films}, but it is quite pleasant to see him rise again...

* Movie Info

Release Date: September 10, 2004

Rating: R

Running Time:98 minutes

* Cast
Brad Dourif
- Hyman Radescu

Paul Popowich
- Jeff Meyer / Husband

Francesco Quinn
- Vlad Tepes

* Crew
Michael D. Sellers
- Writer

Michael D. Sellers
- Director

Synopsis: "Whether or not one believes vampires ever existed, the blood-curdling fact is that in 15th Century Romania, Vlad The Impaler launched a reign of terror so horrific, literally skewering countless victims through the body and skull, that he is viewed by many as the source of the vampire 'myth.'

Now four foreign exchange students, at the behest of a Bucharest professor (Brad Dourif), dare to enter the draconian heart of Vlad Drakul's dark past.  Suspected by their Romanian guide (Billy Zane), one of the students secretly possesses the rumored necklace buried in Vlad's tomb, an evil so powerful it can transcend time and space.

Warning to all:  Sometimes it's best to let sleeping wolves lie, or discover, too late ... there are things worse than death."

Update XI/IV\XXXIX A.S.: VLAD is now on DVD! You may possess your copy HERE. Hail Vlad The Just! HS!


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