DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Forest Lawn Spring Water?

Forest Lawn Spring WaterSomeone brought this water bottle to My attention recently, and I thought it rather odd that a cemetery would actually place their own ad labels on such a seemingly innocuous and "sporty" item. At first glance, one would suppose that this would be rather inappropriate, but then again, the 'death biz' is a highly lucrative one, so perhaps it is not all too surprising. Marketing knows no boundaries.

The label states "Celebrate A Life", but perhaps a better quote would be "Celebrate Life!" as some body ingests its sweetly refreshing contents. A veritable 'memento vivendi', as it were.

It is rather Addamsesque, if you think about it, after all. ∞

Tags: addams family, black earth, dracumentary, rip

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