DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lucifer's Pizza

Lucifer's PizzaNow open for business! Materializing not far from where The Church of Satan's 40th Anniversary High Mass took place on 6/6/06 at The Center For Inquiry in Los Diablos, a new establishment which gives The Devil his due has risen from blazing hellfire.

The black edifice welcomes hungry souls into its hellmouth for delicious Italian repast, with spiraling fauna spires to one side, and a black iron "gas" lamp on the other, while within one will find an accommodating Spanish-style iron chandelier and the west wall bedecked with candles.

Lucifer's Pizza essentially resembles an infernal deli, as it were, the resident Coop-style devil bids you choose your level of indulgence {chili rating}, from non-spicy [0] to extremely so [3] - there's even an an option to purchase and take some of the infernal sauce back to The Lair! And being a lover of hot sauce, this was an extra special treat.

The menu and various posters are all presented within elegant frames, as they should be, and the food itself is just pretty damned good! Considerately, if not in the mood of pizza, there are also several other dishes to choose from.

Recommended offerings are the "Hot Chick", Ringburner {hottest dish}, Meat Lovers, and the Pepperoni Ultimo. Available salads are the tossed, Caesar's and Greek, with specialty dessert specials. [see Menu]

So pop on over in a sulfurous plume to Lucifer's Pizza for some of the spiciest pies this side of Hell.

Rating: 666/666.

Lucifer's Pizza is located at:

1958 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Diablos, CA 90027

* Open 7 days a week from 11am - 11pm.
* Delivery available. Call 323~906~8603

* Related: Return to Lucifer's Pizza.

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