Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


"There are no limits to science." ~ Prince Vlad; Bram Stoker's Dracula.

I have noted the possible value of this device, being that a modicum of actual physical activity can be incorperated while playing with it, which can be stimulating to the mind as well as the body, with levels according to the game's progression. Obviously, actual concentrated exercise is preferable for this purpose, also preferably outdoors, For it is for amusement, after all, as far as "games" are concerned.

This can very well be used as an additional tool to utilize for the accentuation and acquisition of one's educational and amusement preferences, and in some cases, professional endeavors. Obviously, as it should be needless to state, that acquiring the actual DVD, VHS, or CD in question is preferrable. This post mainly concerns the possession of hitherto either obscure or previously unobtainable material.

Upon recently acquiring the Wii, I have learned of an additional wonderful option, that it can also be used as a web browser. Useful for archival purposes as well as entertainment, to record all those rare presentations available on the web through the youtubes and google video for instance, one can actually download a browser {The "Opera" browser, to be exact}, with a 'points card' acquired from a local store, or sample the 'free' version. upon which one can enter the code thereon the wii, when lo and behold, one may now be able to browse the networks for unique informational sources to add to one's records. By having either a TIVO and/or VCR connected, then simply playing the presentation there through, and wallah! instant preservation of the preferred video! Preferences can be arranged to 'hide' the menu bar while recording, with the end result being as if recording when it was broadcast, or directly from one DVD / VHS to another.

Tags: technology

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