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Blasphemic Cruelty: Devil's Mayhem

Blasphemic Cruelty: Devil's Mayhem
Blasphemic Cruelty: Devil's Mayhem
{XLIII A.S. Osmose Productions. Gene Palubicki: Lead Guitar, Vocals {"Sadistic Vengeance Fleshsaw / Auxilary Death Exhalations"}; Alex Blume: Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar {"Volcanic Rumbles / Hellish Blasphemies"}; Gina Ambrosio: Drums & Percussion {"Corpse Skin Death Drum Rituals"}. Genre: Death / Thrash Metal}
1. Possessed Commands 2. Poisoned Lust 3. Devil's Mayhem 4. Warstrike 5. Nuclear Evil 6. Infernal Abominations 7. Vengeance Dragon

For those who wish for a raw expression of this genre, harking unto Possessed, Sodom, and Morbid Angel, even shades of S.O.D. and F.C.D.N. Tormentor, these seven songs of infernally-ferocious assault from Blasphemic Cruelty delivers the extreme-velocity and heaviness you crave.

Of note, within this brutal triad convocation, Blasphemic Cruelty features the surprisingly exceptional talents of female drummer Gina Ambrosio, a member of the infamous Church of Satan.

With beautifully-diabolical cover art by dark artist J.P. Fournier, and demonic CD art featuring a pitchfork-wielding bearded devil emerging from the pentagram, orchestrations herein are precise and unrelenting. with horror-themed blasphemies plunging the depths of nightmarish invocation.

[My Complimentary CD courtesy of Ms. Gina Ambrosio]

Tags: malefick musick

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