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Feast of All Beasts

Received a package in the mail today from independant film-maker Mark Emata, fellow Satanic Vampire and Artist. Rather like in the style of Acheron's "Lust, Sin, Chaos, & Blasphemy" video release, "Feast of All Beasts" is a compendium of horror-movie clips and sound clips including scenes from Speak of The Devil, Natural Born Killers, Haxan, Donnie Darko, and A&E's '666: Sign of Evil' ritual sequences; and sound clips from Cradle of Filth, particularly "Satanic Mantra". The first 10-15 minutes of the video displays the 60's Southern race riots and clips of Martin Luther King Jr., for some reason, I suppose as a reminder of the freedoms and rights of Americans, even those of alternative thought and artistic expression. Upon observation, the quality of the production is professional quality, and I see much promise in Mr. Emata's career. It is these types of things displaying initiative, talent and skill which bring a sense of pride for our Citizens. I expect more impressive manifestations from this film-maker, perhaps one day even a "docu-drama" about Our Founder? It is gratifying to see the evilutions of our members.

Also included in the package is a CD-R containing two art projects by Mr. Emata tentatively entitled "Shadow Rose Autopsy" and "Feast of The First Angel", displaying photographs of his gallery presentations. "Shadow Rose Autopsy" displays a depiction of an alien skull gripped by an albino spider, upon which is a raven encircled with devil-tails, all hanging above a white picket fence [Image], suspended with chains. Seems like the devil-tails represent tendrils descending upon the icon of complacient mediocrity, with the skull itself being the "alien race" to prey upon the herd. "Feast of The First Angel" shows a feather-strewn path leading up to a red curtain, within displayed, two bloody angel wings hooked onto Hellraiser-like chains, with an "ex-angel" viewing the spectacle; perhaps indicative of transcending from worshipful ignorance to carnal knowledge.

Overall, an interesting perusal into the mind of Mr. Emata and his philosophical perspectives.


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