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DANZIG: Circle of Snakes

Circle of Snakes

Circle of Snakes

From deep within the darkness the claws cast their shadow as girating forms twist within the abyss, rising amidst the gloom from the nightmarish regions below... And so the face appears with slithering serpents crowning her glory - the demoness Medusa - caught in her deadly gaze, the fangs sink deep, the venom pierces your brain, transcending you into realms of sonic bliss...

Danzig materializes from abodes unseen, to present eleven more cantibles of sinister erotica, causing the kundalini to set afire with hellflame, bestial and brooding, heaving, grinding sounds, with tempting undulations, eerie and hypnotic.

Circle of Snakes harkens back to a more primal era, concentrating more on baser sounds, melodious and heavy orchestrations that set the devils to dance with an entrancing rapport. "Wotan's Procession" is a robust and imperial marche, power-laden and glorious; "Skincarver" is arguably one of the heaviest songs by Danzig to date, with its resonance mingling with the relentless poundings of the vibrant drums, creating a truly brutal impression; the title track "Circle of Snakes" is quite the moving hoof-tapper, and again establishes the serpent as a representation of 'the man down under'; "1000 Devils Reign"...from the western shore - memorable harmonies and rhythms evocative of Samhain with fellow minstrels joining in the vocals, and does actually tap a certain profundity; "Skull Forrest" can be quite an entrancing piece if you let it, and may cause a spin in the swirling abyss of the mind, with echoing strains beckoning one into the foggy moonlit night amidst the wolfen denizens; "Hellmask" carries a moderately "speed metal" quality done with precision and dynamic sharpness; "When We Were Dead" carries a ponderous rhythm which aspires from silent to booming with intervals of churning guitars; "Night, BeSodom" carries quite a salaciously Dark Metal quality, surrounding guitar chops the air, and is all about those precious cities of 'sin' we love to recreate; "My Darkness" is classic Danzig fare, again with contrasts and crooning vocals blasting into passionate rises and falls, followed by the haunting melody which carries in the atmosphere much like incense smoke; "Netherbound" leaves notes afloat for a split second, melancholy and relative, speaking to the black heart; "Black Angel, White Angel" offers perhaps the most harmonious piece herein, and questions the carnal nature of one who ponders the invigorating thrall of The Devil's fane - for indeed, to "fall" thereof is actually to rise to the heights of experience. The conclusion leaves the listener lingering and hungering for more...

The lethal seductress on the cover is rendered by Dorian Cleavenger, a long-since favorite artist, which makes for an additional visual treat along with the lovely succubi within the booklet.



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