Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Happy Birthday Halloween!

October 31st: Happy Birthday Halloween!
Draconis Blackthorne

The doors are closed for now to the herd until next year, only parting for reasons we see fit to exercise. They return to their mediocrity and programmed sub-"existence". Some of the cultural traditions are useful for amusement and exploitation, as in "Entertain Me!", with their impersonations and amateurish displays.

For us, the party continues, and to us, many of the elements of Halloween are perpetual, continuing as un-usual, and as such, perhaps it would be more appropriate to regard this "unholyday" as 'Helloween', establishing a crucial distinction between the chintzy consumer products fed to the masses, and the truly diabolical recognition of what this concept represents. Anyone who has ever had the honor of witnessing, attending, or practicing a true Satanic rite will attest that even the most exaggerated spectacles of the season pale in comparison to the profoundly personal and glorious experience of the event, with the subsequent The Is-To-Be, these provide throughout the year.

Of course, this is not to take away from the fun-fear of the various thrill constructs erected; as a matter of fact, a Satanist being a lover of life, can derive an elevated sense of entertainment in perspective.

Let it be known that October 31st is but Halloween's Birthday, celebrating the Satanic aesthetic with much festivity; its dynamics constantly evolving in our minds and environments. The effervescent current remains, and has even been at some points actually subtly visible in the atmosphere...

The herd should be afraid on this night, as living nightmares conjured rise to haunt them, lingering on through the year in the shadowy subconscious of their malleable minds. Comrades should be gratified with contemplation, application, amusement, and pleasure, thus being overall empowering. And children should exist in unfettered wonder and joy.

Happy Birthday Helloween! Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,

Draconis Blackthorne
Church of Satan Warlock
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
Halloween XLIII Anno Satanas

Tags: halloween

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