Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Trident No. 15

The Trident 15

The comedy issue! And what a delight it is. First of all, the cover is graced by a splendid harlequin by the name of Eris, sexy AND funny! What a sinfully delicious combination! Herein we have contributions from Rev. Herbert Paulis with sarcastic wittiness encapsulated in a fictional tale about Ol' Noah, and humorous tips for pilots; our own nefarious Jester Bill M. offers "Comedy For The Masses" {great observations and suggestions on what the herd are programmed to respond to}, an interview {wherein he shares some of his passions, including Mathematics and Misanthropy}, and "The Satanic Comedy Commandments" {recommendations for various comedic sources including some of My favorites such as George Carlin, Woody Allen, David Cross, and Bullshit! - personally, I would have included Rowan Atkinson and Benny Hill - not to mention The Three Stooges, The Kids In The Hall, and Monty Python - yes, I appreciate British humor!}: the Bill M. Issue! Hail the Lord of Coke and Hotdogs! A hilarious faux interview with White Metal creampuffs "Stryper" entitled "To Hell With The Devil"; "Satan Laughs" by Paul Hill {also a contributor to The Devil's Diary} about the importance of preserving a sinister sense of humor {agreed}; a splendid mythological piece called "Welcome To Hell", wherein an inspirational stay in the infernal regions is explored; the Dear Abby {Brimstone} column about locating her appropriate sense of humor; mathematical signs of The Beast, and The Question of The Quarter which in this issue, deals with same-sex marriage, and the interesting parallels in France. Yet another superb issue by the fiery folks at The Legion of Loki Grotto.


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