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Nocturnal Constitutional

Tonight's Constitutional was exceptionally haunting. Here the atmosphere is permeated with fog so thick, that shapes are mere shadows beyond 20 feet ahead, and I felt particularly thankful unto Lucifer, element of Air, as this is the weather manifestation of His character. And being that the impending relocation is pertinent, I take this as a confirmation of the Infernal Blessing and the fulfillment of this wish in activation. It is on such nights when the Magic seems that much more intense, at least visually, as one walks in Satanic Grace. Traversing in the fog bestows one a sensation of floating. An interesting effect occurred as I walked into the 24-hour convenience shoppe which is routinely desolate at this hour - when I walked inside, the usual tone that sounds upon entering registered TWO times, instead of the expected one, although there have also been times when it does not sound at all. But this has occurred at other establishments as well, lest it be considered 'coincidence'. Lends to the perception that perhaps 'something' else is with one...perhaps. Animals and children see this readily, and I have trained My eyes to perceive this as well, preserved and evolved. This may be the last night in this residence, as I expect to change Lairs tomorrow, unto even more pleasurable surroundings as My finances grow steadily more accomodating to My chosen opulent lifestyle, and we shall celebrate with a Baphomet-etched glass of Absinthe, The Green Demoness. The walls have been painted blood-red with black trim, and the effect is a deepness which rich dark colors tend to emminate, and I Am contented. Reconstructing the Altar will be a sacred and indulgent event, giving praise to The God that is Myself, that is The Satanist.
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