Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nox Arcana: Phantoms of The High Seas

Nox Arcana
- Phantoms of The High Seas -
{X/XIII/XLIII A.S. Genre: Classical, Instrumental, Orchestral}

So beware the whispering wind...

1. Dead Men Tell No Tales 2. The High Seas 3. Edge of the World 4. Pirates 5. The Gallows Jig 6. Crossfire 7. Oblivion 8. Racing The Wind 9. Siren's Call 10. Trove Island 11. Against the Storm 12. Lords of the Deep 13. Maelstrom 14. Out of the Mist 15. Still Waters 16. Black Sails 17. Fate of the Tempest 18. The Fog Rolls In 19. Widow's Harbor 20. Ghost Ship 21. Skull and Crossbones

Nox Arcana: Phantoms of The High SeasA phantom ship appears in the fog, torn sails, cruising eerily through the night underneath the full moon's blue light, as the ghosts of maritime swashbucklers arise from the deep to tell of deadly adventures...

Based upon the travels of an accursed vessel named The Tempest, and beginning with an appropriately gruff narration as if spoken by Black Beard himself, setting the tone for this morbid excursion [complete with the chanting of "Yo-Ho..." in the background}, Phantoms of The High Seas is a splendid Gothic translation of Pirate lore, with choirs and sound-effects to richly compliment and accentuate the tenebrous orchestrations. Also featured is a haunting vocal piece entitled "Fate of The Tempest" sung by 'Ty Cook', which recounts the tale.

The lavishly decorated booklet is your treasure map to the musickal gems herein, filled with darksome illustrations from the quest which will accompany you along your journey.

'Neath the black banner of the Jolly Roger do we sail for gold and treasures unimagined in splendor. May greed be your guide, and may the cleverest survive to enjoy the booty!

Tags: malefick musick, multimedia reviews

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