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C r e e p s h o w

C r e e p s h o w

{Starring Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Fritz Weaver, Leslie Nielsen, Carrie Nye. Screen play by Stephen King; Directed by George A. Romero}

From the portal that are the wind-blown pages of comic book fane, the skeletal phantom stares outside your window beckoning you into the underworld of darkened imagination. Grasp the boney hand of your robed host and be ushered into the theatre of nightmares...

Prologue: Why God Made Fathers.

A brutish father berates his boy about possessing a copy of a "Creepshow" comic book, lifting a hand to him when admonished about the girlie magazines he himself keeps in his underwear drawer. Even with an apology, the man disposes of the boy's precious acquisition in the trash-can outdoors, to which infernal progeny utters his curse, accompanied by his daemonic projection, which leads us into the first tale...

I. Father's Day.

Family secrets are unearthed at the reading of a will wherein a murdered father takes his revenge upon his killer, his very own sister, as well as his vulturous and pretentious relatives seeking to pick his monetary legacy clean; his rotting corpse rises from the grave to claim his prize...all he wanted was his cake, with an additional main course included on a platter...

II. The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill.

Stephen King plays an isolated hick who witnesses a meteor fall to earth, and forthwith opportunistically seeks to sell it, in his ignorance, to the so-called "Department of Meteors" at a local college, but ends up cracking it, thus releasing a luminous alien solution which causes everything it touches to sprout a vicious moss-like substance, including Jordy himself. Fearing doctors will amputate his infected hand, he opts for intoxication instead, and subsequent suicide, but not before receiving a "visitation" - a drunken hallucination from his deceased preacher father who appears in a mirror, warning that Jordy not immerse himself in the bathtub, that he would be "signing his own death warrant", but he does anyway, causing him to be covered in the vegitation, and so perishes, begging "God" that his luck may be good enough to accomplish this act "just this once", and so his wish is granted. Amusingly, the constant and ubiquitous drone of the Letharginator announces increased rainfall, upon which the green plague subsists and spreads; ironically commenting to viewers that the county will turn green so fast, that it will be miraculous...

III. Something to Tide You Over.

A man named "Richard" {Leslie Nielsen} gains revenge upon his cheating wife by burying she and her lover "Harry" {Ted Danson} to the neck at the beach at low tide; which will of course, eventually yield full saturation, and it is all recorded on film for his entertainment. As an additionally amusing touch, he positions a monitor where Harry can see his adulterous lover being submerged by the waves. He vows revenge, and returns along with the girl, as seaweed-draped zombies seeking his death, to which Richard is driven insane...

IV. The Crate.

A gutless hen-pecked Professor siezes the opportunity to be rid of his overbearing wife via a demonic creature in a crate, luring her into its jaws that tear limb from limb, after which he ingraciously throws it into the lake, but you just can't keep a good monster down...

I must remark about the appearence of this creature, which is one of the most fearsome in cinema to date {kudos to Tom Savini}, almost rivalling Rawhead Rex, and would make for a wonderful pet.

V. They're Creeping Up On You.

An isolated acarophobic stockbroker penned -up in a skyscraper faces a pernicious legion of roaches who stop at nothing to infest his secured and safe-guarded room, despite his efforts at extermination. The widow of a man he drove into ruin utters a curse, and thus his nightmares consume him, from the inside-out...

VI. Needling Dad.

Two garbage men {the moustached one played by prop-master extraordinnaire Tom Savini} find the Creepshow comic book which is as Billy's incremental bible, and find that the "authentic Voodoo doll" offer has been excised to order. The little devil-child Billy pierces the effigy of his 'dad', causing sharp stabs of pain to assail him with incapacitating torment. And thus with the accompanyment of his grim companion of the night, Billy happily gains his revenge: "I'll teach you to take My comic books..." "...ready for another shot, dad?" and he deserved it.

I really enjoyed the segueways between the stories as well, in which the demon winds turn the pages, displaying all of those fun gadgets and offers reminiscent of The Johnson-Smith Catalog, and then onto the next tale of terror and joy. The DVD also contains the theatrical preview which should probably be seen first. Of note, Creepshow 2 is just about as good as the first, so for more ghoulish entertainment, it also comes highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5.


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