DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dractionary: "Psychophant"


Psychophant [syko-fant]: A misdirected masochist-type who thrives on negative attention from the object of their fetish.

Unlike the sycophant {a parasitic 'yes-man'; sicko-fant}, the psychophant seeks to be a persistent 'shit-disturber' creating antagonistic situations by aggravating those who are inherently superior, in hopes of experiencing interaction, sometimes by fabricating fictional scenarios as a means of baiting; and/or irrelevant claims, often-times based upon ignorance. Also known for uncredited imitation of the original source on one hand, while exhibiting the said rotten personality traits thereunto on the other.

From experience, the best way to deal with these types is by completely ignoring them, thus not granting them their parasitic stimulation, nor wasting one's time and energy, otherwise it would be solipsistic.

{ ~ Also synonymous with 'psychic vampire' as defined by Magus Anton LaVey from The Satanic Bible.}

Tags: dractionary

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