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Tricks or Treats?

Tricks or Treats?

A couple of interesting items acquired from a recent trip*:

Hotlix Tequila flavored lollipop with worm

Hotlix Tequila flavored lollipop with wormA candy "treat" with an actual worm inside. I suppose it is edible, but why would anyone actually eat this confection? Acquired as a novelty item. However, it would make for an interesting item to dispense at a Halloween party.

This company also sells lollipops, as well as chocolate-covered candies with grasshoppers, scorpions, and ants. Also available are non-insect confections with alternative flavors such as habanero, horchata, margarita, pina colada, jalapeno, chili, and probably most disturbingly... cinnamon.

There's also "Moondust", "Dinosaur DNA Dust". Which is essentially the same product with a different theme. Reminds Me of Raven's Revenge:

Raven's Revenge
Raven's Revenge

...Which came in the following assorted flavors: Baby Baby, Black & Blue, Black Widow, Blood Red, Blue Bomb, Blue Mystery, Cherry Bomb, Emerald Energy, Ghastly Green, Gold Dust, Mystic Pink, Patriotic Punch, Raven Black, Suicide Punch, Tiger, Velvet Light, White Lightning, White Thunder, White Tiger. 'Power Tabs' were also available}. Seems to to basically be the same ingredients, although without the variety. Personal favorites were Black Widow, and Raven Black. I still have a couple of vials.

Lunar Lix, which is a lollipop in the form of the moon {in several shades}, with detailed craters. There are lollipop eyes, and probably most strangely, "Aquarium Candy", which is a ribbon of candy complete with a fish cracker, containing an embedded fern.

Mustang Candy CigarettesMustang candy cigarettes

I enjoyed these and others as a Dracling from the local liquor store. These are actually elongated candy sticks with the general appearance of cigarettes, containing a powder inside which one could blow through to the other end. Some would soften when chewed, eventually becoming bubble gum, while others were more or less like peanut brittle.

Also an interesting choice to serve at a Halloween party, perhaps more for 'adults'.

Here are a couple of additional sources for your candy needs:

* "Terrible's Town" {featuring a pistol-packing 'desperado' mascot in black hat} is a total environment on the California / Nevada border one encounters traveling east from Los Diablos before arriving in Sin City. With an Old West theme, it grants the impression of a virtual "mirage", being a rather unexpected manifestation appearing amongst the cavernous and hellish landscape, featuring hotels, casinos, restaurants, novelty shoppes, and a roller-coaster named "The Desperado", along with several amazing structures such as Whiskey Pete's, and Buffalo Bill's. Be sure to visit the Sin City Kitties Burlesque Show as well!

The latter's on-site sign logo features the head of a buffalo within a circle arranged in a rather Baphomet manner, welcoming the "best sinner on the block" towards the carnal indulgence therein [see photo at left]. Not as crowded as Las Vegas, it has a pleasantly quaint sinsation which could very well be called "Hell Town" in My estimation. ∞

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