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MANOWAR: The Triumph of Steel


The amazing follow-up to Kings of Metal, Triumph of Steel proves to be another musical conquest.

1. Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts: Prelude/I. Hector Storms The Wall/II. The Death Of Patroclus/III. Funeral March/IV. Armor Of The Gods/V. Hector's Final Hour/VI. Death Hector's Reward/VII. The Desecration Of Hector's Body, Part 1, Part 2...

A conceptual epic. Imagine the world of mythology opening up to welcome a magnificent battle between veritable titans Petroclus and Hector, leading their armies to storm the wall of the great city. A funeral dirge including somber organ, wherein The Warrior swears to avenge Patroclus' death. As punishment {or reward, depending upon the way you look at it}, Hector is defeated, with entrails strewn across the battle field for all to see. Revenge is fulfilled. [28:39]

2. Metal Warriors

"Every one of us has heard the call. Brothers of true Metal, proud and standing tall. There's Magic in The Metal, there's Magic in us all..."

Referring to the audience, this is a rallying cry to the 'Metal Warriors' to remain pure in true Metal.

3. Ride The Dragon

One can literally hear the sounds of mighty dragons arising from the stigeon depths to soar across the skies, blackening the land, ruling the heavens with their fearsome symmetry. Yet there would invariably be those who resonate with this form, seeking to cooperate with their existence, thus using them for their steeds. Reminds this writer of the beautiful rider from the film Heavy Metal.

4. Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee

"...Black Hawk, Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse... Geronimo...!"

An homage to mighty American Native Warriors. Features Eric Adams translating a chanting medicine man recounting the events of the pale-face occupation, immediately proceeding into war drums... the war dance and paint, the drums, and earth-quaking hooves of steeds, arrows, tomahawks, blades, and spears at the ready, to confront the strangers from abroad, who themselves consider these natives devils, and vice-versa. Scalping time!

5. Burning

Asserts The Darwinian Survival of The Fittest, while watching antagonists perish. Alternations between whispered lyrics in quiet instrumental undulation, and power-driving drums and guitars, combined with Adams' remarkably varied, soaring and sustaining vocals.

6. The Power Of Thy Sword

"They will know The Power of My sword...!"

Another inspiring hymn providing motivation to maintain strength and perspective. Almost literally, as those deserving figuratively find themselves at the point of the ritual Sword.

7. The Demon's Whip

Beginning with the sounds of a match-strike igniting a candle, followed by an incantation, the demon is summoned from Hades with bestial malevolence. This song features aggressively-driving guitars, with the sounds of the stinging whip and the explosive strike. Feel The Demon's Whip!

8. Master Of The Wind

A beautifully-inspiring ballad observing the passage of warriors into that rainbow in the sky, where eagles fly, as well as the survivors of battle.


Besides the Victorious Music, Triumph Of Steel features a mini-poster insert {with lyrics on the other side} actually suitable for framing, featuring The Shadow Warrior emerging triumphant with sword and hammer in hand, accepting empowerment in the form of lightning from the sky, while being surrounded by beautifully demonic, and lustful women. Beneath him, a demon cracks the whip in the caverns of Hades. Powerful imagery to match the potent anthems herein.

[An interesting little side story about acquiring Triumph of Steel. Seems that an acquaintance at the time had an overbearing fanatical mother who had actually smashed some of his CD's, this one included. It was truly sad to know that some favored music had been destroyed, yet whatever was left was salvaged, including the magnificent fold-out mini-poster cover art for it. Just a couple of days previous, I had recorded the CD onto tape, so none of the music was lost after all. It was soon thereafter that I decided to acquire all the Manowar I could find, including Triumph of Steel, which has remained a favorite ever since.

At one point. his mother actually confronted us about our beliefs, hurling all sorts of hysterical Satanic Panic notions, which we fielded with grace and poise. Eventually, her true nature emerged forth, coupled with alcohol and pharmaceutical intoxication, finally devolving to "flipping the bird", as it were. to which we laughed in disdain and amusement with her predictably hypocritical behavior, thus embarrassing herself well. Essentially, she burned her own cross.]

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