Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Bathory & Creepshow

BATTHORY: The Return

Sent away for Bathory's "The Return" and "Under The Sign of The Black Mark" CD's {again with the technological "upgrade" from tape to CD accumulation} today with the bat stamps I purchased the other day when I sent out some packages {My favorite is the leaf-nosed bat, seconded by the pallid bat}, and so far, I Am happy to say that I have received some very positive product reviews - thank you all, there shall be more wonders to come! Also picked up a copy of Creepshow {to be reviewed soon!}, a timeless horror classic featuring the creative genius of Stephen King and George Romero - truly a fiendish delight, and I must say, I can relate to the infernal progeny at the beginning and the conclusion of the film {I have those action figures! Godzilla and Rodan Shogun Warriors in particular}.

30th September, XXXIX Anno Satanas: "From Pits of Pure Damnation... Satan rise!" Yes, "The Return..." has arrived this overcast day, in the wake of the Harvest Moon, which seems strangely appropriate, considering the moon on the cover of the album. And it indeed is everything I expected of it - those arcane phrases haunting in the air, the echoing vocals, the eerie quality brings pleasure to My ears. A full review shall soon follow. Hail Satan!

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