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Le'Rue Delashay: The Cycle of Fifths [review]

Le'Rue Delashay: The Cycle of Fifths
{XLIII A.S. Eternal Evening Records. Genre: Orchestral, Classical}

I. Exordium Eram Sententia, II. The Exodus of Duality, III. Through the Valley of Death, IV. Augustus, V. Her Ladies Roses, VI. Rotting in Pieces, VII. The Homecoming, VIII. An Evening Eclipse, IX. Death and Rebirth, X. Dreaming of you, XI. Walpurgisnacht, XII. The Age of Legends.

Le'Rue Delashay: The Cycle of FifthsBeginning with an orchestra tuning for a performance, concluding with enthusiastic applause, which this writer echoes. this opus is based on the principle of an enigmatic musickal theorem entitled The Cycle of Fifths, involving twelve tones of the chromatic scale, their corresponding key signatures, and the associated major and minor keys, often-times symbolized as an inter-corresponding dodecagon {seen on the cover}. I would posit that a hypothetical 'thirteenth tone' would be the 'sound of silence' [the lapse between the notes}.

An interesting occurrence when the CD was first placed into the player, is that it immediately traversed straight to track 11, the enchanting "Dreaming of You" , featuring eerie soprano Donna, hauntingly manufactured by a program conspicuously entitled "Prima" by Vocaloid. Donna is literally a virtual siren lulling the sound waves of the mind into ecstatic repose. Had such information not been related, perhaps none but the most astute would be the wiser. This amazing replication reminds Me of one Dr. Cecil Nixon and his automaton 'Isis'; personally, I feel a likened scenario applied for any possible live performances, and/or perhaps even a video presentation, would be a splendid inclusion to behold.

Also of note, 'Exordium Eram Sentencia' features a male chorus joined by a female choir, complimenting one another in a graceful fanfare of potent permutation. 'Her Lady's Roses' features a melancholy piano sonata where the ghostly Donna is again heard, sweetly blending with the accompanying violin, finally fading into the darkness of the chamber. ''Augustus' lends the impression of a martial sensation, with crashing cymbals, bells, trombones, trumpets, and war-like drums in perfect formation, steadily progressing towards inevitable victory. Walpurgisnacht' combines an almost tribal element, along with glorious rises and falls resplendent, asserting a grand celebration. Finally, the twelfth point is reached with 'The Age of Legends', a very 'sword & sorcery' piece, completing the cycle of fifths, as well as a vast span of passionate emotions.

Classic artistry arrays the booklet, along with a biography and portrait of the Composer himself, also including a depiction of 'Donna' weaving the notes with her magical spell.

Uses of choral voices, the music of an entire phantom orchestra, a chorus of dark angels, and much more, V is ingeniously arranged, ideal for the aristocratic libertine, complimenting one's nocturnal activities and overall haunted chambre. Another splendid masterpiece from the Malefick Maestro.

Le'Rue Delashay

Tags: malefick musick, multimedia

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