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Deathwish: Demon Preacher

Deathwish: Demon Preacher
{XXIII A.S. GWR Records. Bradley Button - Lead Guitar, Jaiden Fahey - vocals, Jarrad Hroteck - drums and Daniel Hanlon - bass. Genre: Metal}

Deathwish: Demon PreacherI had not previously heard of this band before, so what initially attracted Me to this album was the interesting cover art - a horned skull strung with chains, as well as the title. Plus, it bore the name of one of My favorite films. When I listened to it, I was pleased by the quality of Metal I heard. There are well-placed harmonies and melodies, decipherable lyrics which feature horror and occult scenarios, a nice mix of speeds, ranging from doom-laden Power Metal to intricate Thrash Metal, with morbid Black Metal lyrics and feel.

I was also never really for Glam pop rock, so actually seeing the musicians attired in black leather with that certain spark of diabolical creativity added to the overall presentation of the album. You could tell their dedication to the genre ran deeper than mere record sales, enriching the art of it, appealing to those with a discerning ear.

I do appreciate good instrumentals and atmospheric accentuations, which this album contains in the introduction 'Death Procession' and the finale 'Past Life'. Also mentionable is a splendid cover for Black Sabbath's "Symptom Of The Universe", not replicating it exactly, but adding an individual take, which was gratifying, considering the rest of their songs are darkly enjoyed.

Deathwish's Demon Preacher is a worthy acquisition for those who appreciate true Heavy Metal on the dark side.

Track List:

I. Death Procession II. Demon Preacher III. Carrion IV. Visions Of Insanity V. Symptom Of The Universe VI. Wall Of Lies VII. Prey To The Lord VIII. Fatal Attraction IX. Past Life

Rediscovered as part of an excavation.

Tags: malefick musick, multimedia reviews

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