DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil's Diary XIV: Halloween XLIII...

The Devil's Diary

A reminder that the deadline for this upcoming issue is October 13th. Currently accepting essays, social commentary, fiction, non-fiction, adventure relations, Poetry, Artistry {front / back cover art}, Erotica, Greater and Lesser Magic applications, suggestions, experimentations, culinary submissions, and multimedia reviews.

* Contact The Editor for submittals, pre-orders, subscriptions, back issues {3-13}, and additional ordering information.
* The Devil's Diary is $9 USA / $13 International. Price includes shipping & handling.

Advertise your products, services, band, book, artwork, or website in The Devil's Diary!


* Full page: $27.00 {Large}
* 1/2 page: $18.00 {Medium}
* 1/4 page: $13.00 {Small}
* URL Listing: $9.00. Your web address in The Devil's Web section of the magazine {include description}.
* Reciprocal advertisement of this publication in yours: Free.

Contact The Editor for billing information.

Thank you!

Tags: blackthorne productions, the devil's diary

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