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A notification arrived in My inbox this evening, announcing the existence of the Robomaid, a robotic device which is billed to clean one's floors. I think this is a great idea for those in-between times when the human maid is off. From what I have read, it only picks up dust, dirt, lint, and hair, which would prove valuable if you have cats {although those same cats may become rather rambunctious when it is travelling back and forth}, and allergies, although I have found that ionizers are incredibly effective, so this device would be for larger acccumulations of said elements. Like I said, I like the idea, although this device has yet to be put to the test. It would of course not replace an attractive maid in a short French outfit, or a faithful retainer such as a Lurch, but it may work in a pinch. Also, what would be marvellous is a combination Artificial Human Companion like a Real Doll and maid, whenever Abyss Creations gets around to finally implanting some of those artificial intelligence chips in their systems. This just seems to be a further exemplification of the future becoming the present.


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