Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Drac Burger

Hell's Kitchen

Drac Burger A-La VladOnce in awhile when I Am in the mood, I endeavor to make Drac Burgers, which optimally consists of "The Works". Well, one day, the question came up about the manner in which all the copious ingredients are preserved within the burger, instead of spilling forth - there's always wrapping a napkin around it like a so-called "wrapper", as it were, as well as cutting them in a manner wherein they are sized and placed to balanced appropriation; then I was inspired by the idea of skewering it in sort of a 'shish-kabob' manner, thus also keeping with the theme, and thus, the photo was the result, and remains a favorite when served herein.

Because "Drac Burgers" have long since been a constant, the addition of a skewer thus suffixes it "A-La Vlad", which could actually be anything thus impaled. I thought it added a more amusing element to the dining experience. Enjoy!

Tags: hell's kitchen

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