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Visions of The Abyss

I had some photos developed today I took in the Chamber, and upon inspecting them, I noticed several interesting "spechtral light" effects occuring in some of them. I can discount much of the "orbs" present in many photos I have seen, explained as light bouncing off particles afloat in the air, but these are something else altogether. Such anomeles have been present in many photographs ever taken of Myself, the most prominant ones from memory ocurring upon Jr. High graduation wherein a mysterious light kept on appearing around My image. There were other notable ones as well when I was in My former chamber, and what appeared to be streaks of light travelling from one end of the photo to the other. This has been posited as the said "spechtral" activity in the atmosphere, and for Me, was confirmed when once, an acquaintance brought her infant child to The Noctuary and all of a sudden his eyes began following "something" around in the air therein. And now these. To Me, these seem to be electro-magnetic and bio-thermal emmanations in nature, caught on film at a place where high volumes of psychic energy is distributed; as well as an "opening", Gateway, portal, to the etherial realms has been established in thought, and subsequent actuality. In a parapsychological sense, this seems to be "evidence" of the mental projection of daemonic manifestation {perhaps an involuntary "Thoughtography", merely capturing what is consistently ocurring in the currents}, considering the content of the rites performed herein. The camera is a new acquisition purchased recently, and in My estimation, was not technically defective. {An image can be seen at the "Uzantinformoj" [User Info] link}. Other images are restricted to members of the OBD Forum.


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