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Why 2k? [part 2]

[Pre-2k TV: Some examples of superior televised presentations]

Why 2K? II
Going Forward In Reverse: An Appreciative Remembrance & Application of Past {Un}Orthodoxies
Draconis Blackthorne

I was speaking with some acquaintances the other day, when the conversation veered towards entertainment. Was there indeed an "apocalypse" on Y2K? It seems that yes, upon retrospect, there actually was a so-called 'apocalypse' after all. It came insidiously in the form of a de-evolution in the entertainment industry, where now, more than ever, with very few precious exceptions, mediocrity is heralded as the accepted 'norm', and society as a whole has suffered from it.

Upon observation, methods of expedient communication have improved via the interweb, proving beneficial for some personal and networking purposes, as well as diminishing unwanted herd interaction.

The 90's {not counting most "grunge" scrap metal; which was essentially the return of the 'hippies'}, 80's, 70's, portions of the 60's {not counting 'hippie' dregs}, and much prior from visual to audial amusements, were of an exceptional value in some way, defining these generations to some extent. This is further evidenced in the plethora of music and films which have been creating endless 'sequels' and 'covers' {both acceptable and inferior} from that prior to Y2K. In many cases, it seems the creative well has run dry, and/or standards have declined, with egalitarianism to blame. Even performers from many desirable past orthodoxies have been returning, with some truly enterprising sponsors bringing them about. The ultimate benefit of this is to bring attention to the original presentations, facilitating their acquisition.

Aesthetically, particularly from the Noir through to the 50's, even the herd were more presentable, with attention payed to accoutrement and haberdashery - it displayed pride in one's appearance. How unfortunate it must be for current herd generations to be so devoid of such character and quality. It is now necessary to go 'forward in reverse', as it were.*

Fortunately, as Satanists, we instinctively preserve what is truly of {personal} value in our own timeless worlds, from whatever eras of choice of whatever genre, utilizing whatever methods and instruments of presentation, from technologies of whatever means.

In My world, I prefer most everything to appear artfully "antique" {whether actual or replicated; see the Emerson Entertainment system}, while imbued with modern technology, with the obvious exception of genuine collectables. Besides the CD and DVD player, the vinyl record, the cassette, and VCR players are in use, sometimes digitizing them as needed, and if possible, even eight-tracks in some cases, ideally some "vintage" recordings played on an actual Victrola and/or gramophone - the so-called "haunted house" aesthetic, which is in itself timeless {think Dark Shadows & The Addams Family with a personal touch}. Again, if not actual, certainly in de-facto.

Fortunately, favored presentations are more widely available for possession to be viewed at our leisure, devoid of the Letharginator, commercialism and propaganda. It is certainly possible to time travel and exist in this manner devoid of contemptorary influence. To submerge oneself completely in the "past", which is one's present. Dress the part and speak the lingo, or "Walk the walk and talk the talk".

All time is now, so references to "the past" are excluded, thus preserving the entertainment fresh, which are both evocative and invigorating. Even if one has lived through these eras, there is much which has been created therefrom which has not yet been experienced containing that certain particular 'current', so it behooves the selective timeless connoisseur to choose superior evocations and pursue these with gusto.

* Consider the visual dynamic of the wheel, when spun fast enough in a forward motion, it will appear as if it is moving backwards, when it is actually moving forwards, thus creating a favorable momentum.

* Doomsday, or Y2k?. Part 1 | Timeless Technology | Dimensions in Timelessness | Car Phone?.

As a side note, a 5.4 magnitude earth quake occurred while writing this missive, which again, may have been a rift in the time-space continuum, which seems to be a relatively common experience when writing about time-travel... and just a couple of days later, The Rite of Ragnarok was to be performed - quite a Magically remarkable pocket of potency transpiring here in the final days of July, and the beginning of August XLIII A.S. Hail Satan!

Tags: essay, evolution, multimedia, past orthodoxies, technology, technomancy, time travel, timelessness, total environments

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