Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Invisible War {Malefick Musick review}

The Invisible War
{XLIII A.S. Composer: Jan Welke, Minister of Malefick Musick}

1. World Without End 2. Cycling Eternally 3. Der Wille Zur Macht 4. Metamorphosis

The Invisible WarWhat lies behind the old oak door in this dark and gloomy place? Grasp the leonine knocker to unleash hauntingly somber orchestrations from the Minister of Malefick Musick, Citizen Jan Welke {a frequent contributor to The Devil's Diary}, who also brought us the primal rage of Jan Not Jackson - herein we welcome another maestro to the fold - we are treated to moody and atmospheric musick in the vein of Nox Arcana and Le'Rue Delashay.

World Without End: Projects an aristocratic ambiance, while reaching into the ether, becoming one with the timeless night.

Cycling Eternally: One derives the impression of amorphous incense transmutating into ghostly shapes, manifesting thought-forms by the candlelight of the Chamber.

Der Wille Zur Macht {The Will To Power}: For the meditation of focusing the Almighty Will unto materialization with ponderous instrumentations.

Metamorphosis: My personal favorite from this opus, this piece utilizes a spectral organ fit for any haunted mansion, and the visualization of vampiric transformation.

The Invisible War offers contemplative echoings to accompany your foray into this enchantingly evolving musickal maze of the Left-Hand Path. Experience the darkness...


Tags: malefick musick, multimedia reviews, music

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