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Inside The Church of Satan

Inside The Church of Satan
{XLIII A.S., Shadowbox Entertainment; A documentary by Joshua P. Warren, 2+ hrs.}

Inside The Church of SatanArriving at The Haunted Noctuary today, in a non-descript package containing a treasure in our history - over 2 hours of uncensored material covering events both at Black House North and visitations with several members in NYC, including extensive interviews with Magus Gilmore {another delightfully-thoughtful exchange with The High Priest; particularly amusing was the question about being 'The Antichrist'!}, Reverend Christopher Mealie, Witch Stephanie Crabe {Motel Bizarre}, the ever-misanthropic Magister David Harris {Satanism Today}, the elegantly erudite Magister Lang, Magistra Diana DeMagis {the "Horny In Hell's Kitchen" apron is priceless}, Reverend Akula, and Musician Warlock Eric {HellofAllHells}.

Beginning with a listing of Our basics, and Halloween celebrations with some locals, the majority of the presentation centers around footage of touring about Magister Lang's superb Lair {except the exterior, to avoid possible bigotry}, building towards The Rite of Ragnarok Ritual from The Satanic Scriptures, with delightful glimpses into some of the many themed rooms of Black House North, where we also get to meet the resident hellhound Freya. There's the impressive Egyptian Library {spotted is the Dr. LaVey statue by Arkham Studios, a painting of Vlad Tepes, a Markus Mayer sculpture, several books on Rasputin, and a sarcophagus bookshelf containing an extensive collection of Lovecraftian bibliography}, the woodland bedroom, a room of angles and geometric shapes, the amusing Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe bathroom, and of course, via a secret panel, the elaborate Ritual Chamber which has an even deeper secret room within through coffins {"backstage", as it were}. A great touch, considering 'The Red Room' at Dr. LaVey's Black House was accessed through a sarcophagus. Along with a marvelous trapezoidal pillar and actual pitchforks framing The Baphomet, there's Coop's Church of Satan poster, the Magister James "Sinister Minister" Mitchell action figure, and a painting of Our Founder decorates this Inner Sanctum.

Inside The Church of Satan [custom cover by Storm]Finally, amidst somber candlelight gleaming upon the Sowulo rune pentagram on one side, and Fenris on the other, the ritual begins with the ringing of the bell, and to the martial drumming of Warlock Eric, Magister Lang utters potent enunciations of destruction and regeneration echoing through the darkened room, yielding a flawless performance by all participants.*

Other moments include a satirical invocation by Warren himself, with Special features including a 'sacrifice' parody of The Satanic Panic hysteria.

Overall, this professional, impartial presentation displays the varied personalities and projects contained within Our Cabal, with proper unexpurgated representations of our philosophy, sans the typical inaccurate spins of sensationalizing 'journalists', which is why Mr. Warren was selected. A truly unique documentary which will hopefully inspire others in kind.

Hail Loki! Hail Satan!

* Personally, instead of the occasional night vision mode, I would have opted for more dark-sensitive cameras and/or a small bit brighter lighting {a-la Satanis / Speak of The Devil}, to capture this historic event.

Tags: church of satan, documentary, infernal empire, multimedia reviews

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