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Automated Tellers

While travelling out to acquire even more materials {as orders are increasing exponentially - HS!}, at a time when the herd is much less present, I decided to try the automated teller at the local depot, and found it to be so much more efficient than its inferior human-drone counterpart, and certainly is a Satan-send. Using this machine speeds up the purchasing process, and I have found that it is a station where the herd tends to avoid for the most part - no lines, more efficient service, decreased in B.U.G.S. {blare, ugliness, glare, stare}, how could a Satanist resist? I was out of there in about five minutes tops, instead of the frustrating and time-consuming incompetence the proles provide. I highly recommend this machine to diabolical misanthropists everywhere. So if you must deal with the herd in any capacity, this is a most efficient option.


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