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Towards Thy Astral Path...

Stutthof: Towards Thy Astral PathWent on errands today accumulating materials for Blackthorne Productions items, considering the influx of orders for this month. Went to the Post Office beneath overcast skies and sent out another Dracomeroth, and a Satan's Ouija board. Will start on another batch of Devil's Cords tonight by the gloom of candlelight in the cool nocturnal air.

House of 1,000 CorpsesUpon returning to The Noctuary, a package from Greece arrived from an acquaintance thereof, Acherontas from the band Stutthof with an order for Dracomeroth and Vampiricon, as well as graciously providing a copy of his latest CD "Towards Thy Astral Path", which I have been primarily listening to tonight with C2C in the background, and from what I have heard thusfar, it has a very Emperor feel to it. Atmospheric Black Metal, glorious instrumental pieces, various vocal inclusions, including the marvellous combination of echoing male and female voices intermingled - overall, quite inspirational. I will expound with a full review soon, to be included in the next Devil's Diary.

Also while at the depot, I picked up a copy of Rob Zombie's House of 1,000 Corpses {review} , which really is a delightfully evocative excursion into timeless horror utilizing many wonderful past orthodoxies for one's amusement fare and black humor entertainment.


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