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Profanity as Stratification

It is natural to exclaim once in awhile, although the quality of a person can be divulged by the language used, as well as behaviour enacted. Mandating "freedom of speech" is an oxymoron, but allowing someone to express themselves through parlance or selective vocabuary stratifies. An individual who utters common profanity can be seen as one who has derived from inferior breeding, environment, and lifestyle. However, an individual who may critique or exclaim in reaction to an event with eloquence {along with fine aesthetics and etiquette} is revealed as one with a higher perspective and intellect. So, as a Gentleman or Lady, instead of saying "That motherf***ing son of a bitch!" which would be commonly used by the herd, and even 'admired' by others of low quality en masse, the elevated person may utter "What a petty and crass imbecile!" while maintaining the passion of The Thought. Lest it seem too droll, such a comment levelled against the herd may many times result in a look of confusion and ignorant visage, which thereby proves one's point. So, considering the Third-Side perspective, others should be allowed to vociferously exclaim with their various brutish ebonics-derived drivel and otherwise moronic comments {most vulgarity derives from the prison system, incidently}, that by their own words and deeds {socio-economic level notwithstanding}, they shall be revealed, that levels of being may be recognized, that they may be preserved or banished from one's presence.

The preceedng was prompted by viewing an episode of Penn & Teller's Humbug!
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