DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


I n f e r n u s
{V. VIII, Spring Equinox XLIII A.S., 24 pp.}

"The Voice of Satanism in Portugal."

Infernus VIII, Spring Equinox XLIII A.S.From Satan's Helloutro, who also brought us the Portuguese translation of The Satanic Bible, comes Infernus magazine, a beautifully-done Portuguese Satanic publication featuring essays on Carducci {including his distinguished poem Inno A Satana}, Atheism fundamentals, Surrealism, remarkable cover art "Don't Fear" by Simon, an art piece by D. Blackthorne, an interview with band Teatro Satanico {"Satanic Theater"}, aesthetic individualism, an analysis of amateur painting styles, plus much more.

Being that Satanism spans all languages and cultures worldwide {also see 'The Infernal Names' as an indication}, one can truly appreciate this international expression of our philosophy. Well done!

Hail Satan!

Tags: literature, magazine, satan's scroll, satanism

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